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Platt Soft Sided Zipper Cases

Cordura Zipper Tool Bag

651ZT and 652ZT Black Cordura zipper tool cases designed to hold all of the standard size tool pallets.

660ZT Troubleshooter Tool Case

660ZT Trouble Shooter comes with 29 sewn tool pockets and a meter pouch on the inside.

669ZT Master Technician Tool Case

669ZT Master Technician carrying case contains 47 sewn tool pockets and a meter pouch inside.

689ZT Combo Tool Cases

689ZT Combo Tool and Attaché/Notebook Computer Cases

601ZT and 602ZT Mini Tech Tool Cases

601ZT and 602ZT Mini Tech comes with 14 sewn tool pockets and one inside pouch.

665ZT Technician Case

Similar to the 660ZT but with molded tool pockets.

Machine/Copier Field Service Case

Designed with the same pocket configuration as the G & H pallet set.

695ZT Field Service Tech Tool Case

A double sided case featuring 39 sewn pockets on one side and large storage pouches on the other.

685ZT Master Telecom Tool Case

Features 24 sewn tool pockets, 5 small parts pouches, and more

630ZT Telecom Tool Case

Features a Velcro "buttset" holder, 20 sewn tool pockets, and 1 parts pouch.

688ZT LAN Tool Case

The LAN Case is a double sided case with 40 sewn tool pockets on one side and 11 on the other.

680ZT Pro Telecom Case

The 680ZT has the room to carry all the tools the professional telecom installer needs.

Mechanic's Tool Bag

This handy "Mechanic's Tool Bag" is similar to the GI tool bag used for decades by the U.S. Military.