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FC Series

Stand-Alone Thermostatic Fan Control Module

Proportional speed thermostatic fan control extends both equipment and fan life and reduces service calls by varying the fan speed of up to four fans, based on the temperature within the enclosure.

Featuring three temperature ranges, the fan control can be set to activate proportional to the enclosure temperature, or to come on at full power whenever the temperature threshold is reached.

The FC-2-215-1CA includes two NEMA 5-15R 15 Amp outlets.

FC-2-215-1CA Thermostatic Fan Control

Thermostatic Fan Control, 2 Controlled, 2 Always On

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The Middle Atlantic FC-2-215-1C proportional speed thermostatic fan control has two controlled outlets and two "always on" 15 Amp convenience outlets.

FC-4-1CA Thermostatic Fan Control

Thermostatic Fan Control, 4 Controlled

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The Middle Atlantic FC-4-1CA proportional speed thermostatic fan control can control up to four fans based on the temperature in the enclosure.