Middle Atlantic Products portable magnetic work lights are ideal for installation and maintenance tasks.

  • Powerful magnets keep lights in place and attach to any steel rack surface
  • WL-60 improved with cool, efficient fluorescent bulb and long cord
  • LED version will surprise you with high light output
LT-GN-WL LED Gooseneck Light, Magnetic

LED Gooseneck Light, Magnetic

This ultra bright worklight illuminates the inside of racks, for easy viewing of equipment and cabling during system installation and servicing. 32 LED lights are positioned at the ideal angle for high visibility and brightness – measured to be 395 Lumens. Flexible 16” long gooseneck allows light to be directed where it is needed most, and the strong, scratch resistant magnetic base attaches to any steel surface.

WL-60 Magnetic Work Light

Magnetic Work Light

Designed for use when installing and servicing equipment, the WL-60 provides convenient illumination in rack enclosure interiors. The unit features a strong, scratch resistant magnetic base that attaches to any steel surface and a quadruple-jointed support arm makes it easy to aim the light, which stays where you put it. The WL-60 now includes a 60 watt fluorescent bulb, aluminum shade with on/off switch and an ultra-long 18' line cord that eliminates the need for an extension cord.