Racks and EnclosuresRacks & Enclosures

An extensive selection of state-of-the-art steel & wood racks for a wide range of applications in the installed Audio & Video, Broadcast, Post Production, and Custom Home Installations.

Rack OptionsRack Options

Optional accessories and products for all Middle Atlantic Product and DataTel racks.

Rack AccessoriesRack Accessories

An extensive selection of Rack Accessories - including Blank & Vented panels, Fans, Rackshelves, Security Covers, Storage, and Hardware

Power ManagementPower Management

A full line of 15 and 20 Amp vertical and rackmount power products.

Home Theater Installation Solutions

Ultra Quiet Rackmount Equipment Cooling System ASR-HD Series Slide Out and Rotating Shelving System
Custom RackmountsCustom RSH Rackshelves

With these innovative RSH custom rackmounts, you can install virtually any component in a standard 19" enclosure without making any modifications. Custom laser-cut to provide a perfect opening for the face of the component you are mounting, each RSH unit provides a neatly-trimmed installation with a perfect fit and no gaps. With accurate details on over 6,000 units, chances are we have yours on file.
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Data Cabling Management

Data Cabling Management Products Innovative racking products for structured cabling applications.

Studio Furniture

Studio Furniture

Edit Center and the new MultiDesk Video furniture for corporate video and post production, as well as professional and project studio audio recording.

Pull-Out Equipment Racks

Shelving System

ASR-HD Series
Slide out and rotating shelving system
For custom cabinetry, millwork and entertainment centers

Standard Racks

AX-S Series
For Millwork and In-Wall
Gain Unrestricted Rear Access to Equipment & Cabling
SRS Series
19" Sliding Rail System
Designed for mounting in custom cabinets

Rotating Racks

AX-SXR Series
Rotating AXS System for Millwork and In-Wall
Provides Enhanced Rear Access to Equipment and Cabling
SRSR Series
Rotating Sliding Rail System
Pulls out and rotates for equipment servicing
Designed for mounting in custom cabinets

Cable Ladders

Cable Ladders

CLB-6 - 6ft long, 12" wide fully welded heavy-duty cable ladder sections
CLB-10 - 10ft long, 12" wide fully welded heavy-duty cable ladder sections
CLB-90HB - 90 degree Horizontal Bend
CLB-VI90 - 90 degree Inside Corner Radius Sections
CLB-VO90 - 90 degree Outside Corner Radius Sections

Ladder Accessories

Cable Ladder Accessories

CLH-ADJH - Adjustable Horizontal Splice Hardware
CLH-RSJ - Ladder End Splice Hardware
CLH-HTS - Horizontal 90 degree Tee Splice Hardware
CLH-90T - 90 Degree Ladder Turn Hardware
CLH-ADJT - Adjustable Ladder Turn Hardware
CLB-TSB - Triangle Wall Support Bracket with Hardware
CLB-CSB - Ladder Center Support Bracket with Hardware
CLH-ED11 - Cable Ladder End Drop 11", 3 Spools Included
CLH-SD8 - Cable Ladder Side Drop 8", 3 Spools Included
CLH-SPOOL-10 - Cable Management Spools for use with Cable Ladder Drop or Wall-Mount, 10 Spools
CLH-WRS - Ladder Wall Support Hardware
CLH-5/8CHK - 5/8 Slotted Ladder Support Hardware with Ceiling Hang Kit
CLH-RES - Ladder End Support Hardware
CLH-RWC - Ladder Wall Clamp
CLH-EC - Ladder End Caps
CL-GK - Cable Ladder Bonding Kit

Monitoring Consoles

Monitoring Consoles

As technology continues its rapid advancement and security professionals rely more on digital video and computer-based systems, the consoles that house and protect these systems must be optimized to accommodate rapidly changing equipment. Middle Atlantic Products is pleased to introduce two new series of surveillance and monitoring consoles, the Quiet-Cool Series™ and the Convective Series™. These consoles have been engineered from the ground up to effectively address the thermal considerations arising from increasing heat density within equipment enclosures, and the cable management requirements of today's equipment. Traditionally optional features are built-in, resulting in fewer part numbers and simplified ordering.

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Archetectural and Engineering Specifications

A & E Specifications

New Products

New and Updated Products from Middle Atlantic