Structured Media Center 280 Case Study


Large single-family home with home-entertainment center and in-wall audio speakers throughout the home. Multiple bedrooms with telephones and computers, including nursery with security camera for monitoring sleeping children. Must support a home office with Ethernet data network. Four telephone lines are needed, two main lines plus business phone and fax/internet. Incoming services must include input and outputs for digital cable, two satellite inputs and at least five televisions.


  1. Route video and satellite services to multiple receivers and televisions.
  2. Provide whole-house audio to multiple in-wall speakers with multiple volume controls.
  3. Create Ethernet home data network, linking multiple computers and peripherals and providing simultaneous multiple PC internet access.
  4. Dynamically configure phone, fax and internet, distributing to multiple rooms.
  5. View security camera signal over a cable television channel.
  6. Provide power to the SMC.
  7. Determine proper enclosure.


  1. 3x8 Bi-directional Video Module.
  2. 1x6 Passive Audio Splitter with Decora Digital Volume Controls
  3. 10Base-T Network Hub and 18-Port Pre-Configured Structured Cabling Panel (with 3 Category 5 Modules).
  4. 18-Port Pre-Configured Structured Cabling Panel (with 3 Category 5 Modules and Telephone Distribution Module to configure phone lines through modular patching).
  5. Decora Media System and Decora Camera with modulator.
  6. AC Power Block.
  7. Based on requirements, the best enclosure will be the SMC-280.