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Meter Socket Surge Arrester Adapters

Meter Socket Surge Arrester Adapters

Leviton's Meter Socket Surge Arrester Adapter offers residential power users a way to reliably and economically protect their homes against external transient surges that enter through the home's service entrance. It offers a quick, cost-effective turnkey solution to the problem of transient voltage surges causing malfunctions in sensitive electronics.

The device installs quickly and easily at the electrical service entrance and provides protection of up to 70,000 peak Amps of surge current. Offering a higher energy capacity than multiple small MOV configurations (where energy capacity is limited by the weakest MOV in the chain), it is designed for 120/240 volt single-phase and 120/208 volt 3-phase ringless or ring-type meters and is available in popular jaw configurations with spring-loaded, high-pressure, copper-plated contacts.


Leviton's Meter Socket Surge Arrester provides first-line of defense surge protection to divert high energy surges from entering the home.

Features and Benefits:

  • Use of a single, large 53 mm MOV per line (Each Line-to-Neutral) provides a higher energy capacity than multiple small MOV configurations where the protection is only as good as the weakest MOV in the chain.
  • Surge Arrester performance tested to IEEE C62.11 (10,000 AMPS/4x10 μS) and IEEE C62.41 and C62.45 Category C standards (NEC Article 280).
  • UL Listed Surge Arrester (465V discharge voltage @ 1500 Amps)
  • Rated for 70,000 peak Amps maximum surge current
  • Nominal clamping voltage per line: 800V (per UL 1449 Second Edition)
  • Maximum continuous operating voltage: 180V each line
  • Diagnostic LED's monitor power and suppression status: Green indicates surge protection is active; red indicates protection is no longer active
  • Rugged housing constructed of high-impact, non-conductive fiberglass-reinforced polycarbonate
  • Available in popular jaw configurations, featuring spring-loaded, high-pressure, copper-plated contacts for maximum conductivity
  • 200 Amp rated continuous current carrying capacity rating per UL 414 for specific meter-socket bases
  • Backed by Leviton's Limited 15-Year Warranty with $10,000 connected equipment coverage for "white-goods" appliances

NOTE: Audible Alarm versions have a Shut-Off which is located on the face of the meter socket, operated by the utility when the meter is removed.



$268.85 each