Redefining the Beauty and Functionality of a Wireless Home Lighting Control System

The Vizia RF +™ Collection delivers the reliability and performance of a high-end custom lighting and control system at a moderate cost. The all-digital design of Vizia RF +™, coupled with an elegantly simple user interface, results in an exceptionally intuitive, easy-to-operate control. The collection is completely compatible with Decora Plus™ screwless and standard wallplates, and Leviton's line of Decora® wiring devices. The end result: a family of lighting controls that provides a touch of class as well as energy savings.

Scene Capable Dimmers

Vizia RF + Scene Capable DimmersVarying the amount of light with Vizia RF +™ dimmers can add beauty and drama to any room. Vizia RF+ dimmers and switches give you the ability to control light so you can enjoy your home to its fullest potential. Because all devices use digital technology, they add precise control with robust features:

  • User selectable fade rates
  • Minimum brightness level
  • Energy Save mode lets you decrease the maximum brightness level to reduce energy usage
  • LED Options mode lets you adjust the timeout of the LED locator light and LED brightness display to one of four preset options
  • Remembers last light level

Scene Capable Switches

Scene Capable SwitchesVizia RF + Scene Capable Switches fit into standard wallboxes and replace regular switches or dimmers (where a neutral is present for 15A switch) to provide local and remote ON/OFF switching for Incandescent, Fluorescent, Electronic Low Voltage and Magnetic Low Voltage lighting loads (5A switch is for Incandescent loads only). They respond to commands sent from Leviton Vizia RF + Controllers or other Z-Wave compatible controllers or programmers.

2 and 4-Button Scene Controllers

Vizia-RF + 4-Button Scene ControllersVizia RF + includes the ability to combine a group of lights into a single area that will respond to a single scene command. Using a 2 or 4-button scene controller you can preset lighting levels on multiple fixtures for four different activities - a tremendous advantage in a busy kitchen. No more running around a room to turn on various lights at different levels. Press a button and watch your lights dim in the background while your dinner table brightens for your meal. Harness more automated living capabilities in your home theater or media room by integrating your lighting. One touch and it's movie time. Scene control can provide the perfect light level for any activity.

Vizia-RF + 2-Button Scene ControllersHow the Scene Controller Works
The top four buttons on the 4-button controller provide push on/push off selection of four scenes. The bottom button transmits dim and bright commands to the most recently selected scene.

Scene Controller Applications
Replace a simple switch with a 2- or 4-button scene controller and enjoy dynamic applications such as:

  • Install in the kitchen and dining room to enhance ambiance or illuminate tasks
  • Install in a home theater or media room and re-create the cinema experience

Zone Controllers

Vizia RF + Wall ControllersVizia RF + includes the ability to take a group of lights and combine them into a single area that will respond to a single button push. A zone controller is a simple wall-mounted 4-button device that is used to control areas, rooms, or entire homes. Mount a zone controller next to your front door. With a single push of a button you can turn on all the lights in the house, including the outside lights. Or, you can simply turn on the lights from any of the rooms throughout your home.

How the Zone Controller Works
The top four buttons are left and right on/off rockers for four different programmable zones, while the bottom arrow pad raises and lowers the lighting level or condition of the most recent zone activated. Vizia RF + incorporates real 2-way status updating of the green LED lamp on each button, giving you real-time information about the on/off status of the lights in your home.

4-Button Zone Controller Applications

  • Install next to any entrance, exit of the home such as front, back, or side doors, garage entryways, mudrooms, etc. Make sure no lights are left on when you leave in the morning and program a pleasant pathway of lights in the evening when you return home.
  • Install in the master bedroom for control of all lights on each floor, bedroom lights, and outdoor lighting in case you hear a bump in the night.

Plug-In Modules

Vizia RF + Plug-In ModulesThe Vizia RF + Plug-In Modules are ideal for remote control of dimming incandescent loads, appliances or to integrate other control systems. The Vizia RF + Scene Capable Plug-in Lamp Dimming Module is perfect for dimming free standing table or floor lamps. The Vizia RF + Scene Capable Plug-in Appliance Module remotely turns on/off fluorescent lamps, portable fans, kitchen appliances, indoor fountains and more. The Vizia RF + Plug-in Serial Interface Module RS232 is ideal where a serial interface is required to integrate with other control systems such as blinds or garage doors.

Programming and Control Remotes

Programming and Control RemotesThe Vizia RF + line of handheld remote controllers provide users with three flexible options. A simple infrared remote provides a point and push solution for local control of your 4-button wall mounted controllers. A powerful non-timer RF remote controller provides control of your home automation system, from nearly anywhere in the home. Flexible programming allows users to develop unique lighting profiles for each room the remote may be carried into. Homeowners can step up to the ultimate in control by using the timer version of the remote, which contains an onboard astronomical clock that can be set to turn your lights on or off not only with sunrise and sunset, but with the changing seasons as well. The timer remote is Vizia RF+ system's answer to whole house portable control, whether at home or away from home.

How the Remote Controller/Timer Works
A simple clean LCD screen and easy to navigate menu system provides intuitive push button, arrow pad control. The press of the button while holding the remote in the bedroom, for example, can shut out the lights outside, or downstairs, or in the hallway. And the lower 4-button on/off console gives the user powerful options to replicate wall-mounted programming or to create those customized profiles.

A Vizia RF + Programming device or ThinkEssentials® Professional Edition Software is required as an installation tool for the setup of a Leviton Vizia RF + network. Leviton incorporates beneficial system features that can only be accessed when using one of these devices. These include the ability to create and operate scheduled events using any device that includes a clock feature, extended system testing and system optimization techniques.

Vizia +™ by Leviton

The Vizia +™ Collection of lighting and fan speed controls integrates digital engineering, intuitive operation, and a stylish form factor that is compatible with Leviton's legendary Decora® devices and screwless snap-on wallplates.