Vizia RF +

Redefining the Beauty and Functionality of a Wireless Home Lighting Control System

Vizia RF+The Vizia RF +™ family captures the essence of "smart" lighting control with its embedded Z-Wave® radio frequency technology and stylish new form factor that is compatible with Leviton's hallmark Decora® design. Vizia RF + complements Vizia +™ standard dimmers and switches, expanding functionality to feature wireless communication, 2-way control, scene and zone control, and remote control operation. Vizia RF + allows homeowners to control lighting, household appliances and electronics with the touch of a remote. Z-Wave® technology effectively transforms any component – switches, lighting controls, thermostats, appliances and more – into an intelligent device that can be wirelessly controlled and monitored.


Vizia +™ by Leviton

Vizia +

Vizia +™ is Leviton's most advanced statement in residential lighting control technology and is ideal for new construction as well as retrofit applications. They are ideal for residential and light commercial applications. An all digital design, coupled with an elegantly simple user interface, results in an exceptionally intuitive, easy-to-operate control. The Vizia + line of lighting controls include dimmers, switches, remotes and a fan speed control that are finely engineered for effortless performance.


Leviton/JBL Leviton/JBL


Leviton and JBL have partnered together to create the Leviton Architectural Edition™ powered by JBL program, which consists of a complete line of installed multi-room music, outdoor and home theater entertainment systems, making it easy to design and build award-winning JBL sound quality into any residential project. When it comes to reproducing their work, performers and recording professionals insist on JBL speakers—in the studio, on tour, and behind the screens of the world's best movie theaters. Leviton/JBL components are engineered using the same advanced materials and technologies found in JBL professional systems to deliver a professional quality listening experience right in the home.


New Products

Energy Management by Leviton

Electronic 24 Hour Timer Switch with Astronomical clock, Backlit LCD and LED Locator
Better than ever – Leviton Decora Timer Switches offer advanced features, superior accuracy and contemporary aesthetics. An easy upgrade, automatic timers help reduce energy costs, improve security and add convenience. Homeowners can set lights to turn on and off for a lived-in look while they are away, or automate control of heat lamps, pool pumps or bathroom fans.

Wall Switch Occupancy Sensors

The Decora® IPP15 is a Manual-ON Occupancy Sensor that was developed to comply with California Title 24, Section 119 Mandatory Requirements and Section 150 Residential Lighting Specifications. The IPP15 installs as a single-pole or 3-Way device and fits in a standard wallbox. It has the added benefit that if you forget to turn the lights OFF, they will turn OFF automatically if motion is not detected within the coverage area (900 sq ft) within the set time out limit.

Leviton Voice and DataLeviton Voice & Data

Leviton's premises wiring products include a spectrum of devices, tools, wire and accessories. There is a complete selection of 4, 6 and 8-conductor jacks, as well as QuickPort® field-configurable devices, Decora-compatible devices, fiber-optic products, a variety of 66 blocks, adapters, cords, wire, cable, tools, test equipment, and accessory equipment.

More on the Voice & Data Products

Leviton Integrated Netrworks Structured Media Systems Structured Media Systems

The Leviton Integrated Networks is where the present meets the future in residential wiring. It integrates home office, home networking, home theater, whole-house audio and video, Internet, phone service, and security functions. Turning the house of today into the home of tomorrow.

MORE on Leviton Integrated Networks Structured Media System Here

Surge Protective Devices Surge Protective Devices

Virtually every home, commercial setting and industrial facility has microprocessor-driven electronic equipment. This equipment is vulnerable to the disruptive and damaging effects of transient voltage surges, voltage sags and power outages. Leviton's line of surge protective devices and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) defend this equipment, and these products are designed for application from a facility's service entrance to point-of-use. Products include panel-mounted devices, branch-circuit protectors, SPD receptacles, plug-in SPD's, plug strips, and stand-alone voice and data line SPD's for a host of applications.

Leviton Decora Home Controls Leviton Decora Home Controls

When it comes to retrofitting homes, Leviton's Decora Home Controls with IntelliSense are the ideal solution. Instead of requiring an additional and costly separate wiring network just for home automation, the Decora Home Control (DHC) concept uses a home's existing power lines to carry the necessary information and commands, to allow installers to upgrade any home with a full-featured, reliable and responsive automation system easily, quickly and affordably.

Tools & Test Equipment

Automatic Punch Down Tool Inductive Speaker Probe Toner Test Set Test Adapters Craftsperson's Handset Tools and Test Equipment

Having the right tools for the job always results in an easier, more accurate installation or quicker troubleshooting project. Here, everything you need for basic installation or diagnostics of low-voltage wiring systems.