TSGB16 CADDY Screw Gun Box Bracket


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CADDY TSGB16 CADDY� Screw Gun Box Bracket - For Between Studs

CADDY® Screw Gun Box Bracket - For Between Studs

ERICO offers the CADDY Screw Gun Box Bracket for between Studs.

Application Examples


  • Can mount multiple 1-1/2" or 2-1/8" deep boxes
  • Notched and marked for easy identification and bending
  • Improved design with stamped inch markings and pilot holes accelerates precise box and conduit mounting between studs
  • Pilot holes allow easy box attachment with a screwdriver
  • Requires only a screw gun to install
  • Eliminates movement of the box when used with flexible conduit, ENT®, MC, AC or ROMEX®
  • Can be mounted on face or inside of stud
  • No more time-consuming field fabrication with scrap floor track
SGB (Preset)
  • Preset for studs 16" or 24" on center
  • Can be pre-assembled by the contractor to allow for greater production at the job site
Application Examples TSGB (Adjustable)
  • Adjustable for non-standard stud spacing
  • Unique, one-piece, break-apart design
  • Interlocking tab prevents accidental disassembly


Preset Screw Gun Box Bracket for studs 16" or 24" on center.

Adjustable Screw Gun Box Bracket for non-standard stud spacing.

More Information

Catalog No. Fig No. Description Stud Spacing Box Depth
SGB16A† 1 Preset 16" OC 1-1/2" or 2-1/8"
SGB24A†† 1 Preset 24" OC 1-1/2" or 2-1/8"
TSGB16* 2 Adjustable 11" to 18" 1-1/2" or 2-1/8"
TSGB24* 2 Adjustable 17" to 26" 1-1/2" or 2-1/8"
Quantity 50 per box.
† Replaces SGB16 & SGB16D
†† Replaces SGB24 & SGB24D
*Preassembled brackets available - contact factory