CAT-CM CADDY Cable Support System


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CADDY CAT-CM CADDY® CAT-CM Cable Support System

CADDY® CAT-CM Cable Support System

Beginning with the J-Hook, ERICO has continued to innovate and develop the complete line of CADDY CABLECAT products to support today's high-performance cable. The CADDY CAT-CM provides a cable tray alternative utilizing rod and strut components together with specifically developed steel brackets.


  • Specially designed U-Hooks and double J-Hooks have large-diameter, rounded support surfaces/edges to avoid overbending and kinking of cables
  • U-Hooks available in a range of sizes for different cable capacity needs
  • Three installation options that can easily be combined resulting in installation flexibility to meet every need
    • Rod-mounted option
    • Cantilever-mounted option
    • Strut-mounted option

The Rod-Mounted option allows for field assembly of the hooks onto All-Thread Rod. Benefits include:

  • Customized intervals between hooks to comply with ISO/IEC 18010
  • Easy level changes - under or over ductwork, piping, etc. - no level change fittings necessary
  • Direct attachment to the ceiling or building structure with threaded rod and CADDY fasteners

The Cantilever-Mounted option consists of U-Hooks mounted with brackets to walls and columns. This option allows for:

  • Cable runs along walls
  • Specification of individual hook spacing as needed
  • Mounting of cable within existing column grid

The Strut-Mounted option is accomplished by assembling the hooks to strut for a cost-effective alternative to center rail cable tray and wire basket systems. This option:

  • Utilizes standard strut which is readily available and provides strength
  • Has sheet-metal U-Hooks (rungs) with specially designed quick-attach nut fasteners for virtually any half-slot strut
  • Allows for customized support spacing
  • Has fittings for horizontal and vertical change of direction - simplifying angle and level changes
  • Offers optional rollers and retainers on the U-Hooks to retain cables and support cable pulls
  • Has protective tubes for the threaded rod to eliminate scraping and cutting of cable sheath during pulling
  • Allows U-Hooks to be mounted on a base (for raised floor applications), thus allowing for a large amount of cables to be organized and neatly routed
  • Provides separate compartments for power and low-voltage cables when using the power divider bracket
  • Extends the width of the tray to a maximum of 600 mm (24") with two separate compartments that may be used for power and low-voltage cables when using the cross support kit


  • Horizontal and vertical runs
  • Variable cable support spacing
  • Support from the ceiling, beam or strut and mounting on the floor

More Information

Application Examples
Description Std
per Box
CAT100CM Double J-Hook 20/120 3.4 (7.5) 1
CAT200CM U-Hook 200 mm/8" with T-nut* 10/50 2.7 (6) 2
CAT200CMLN U-Hook 200 mm/8" less nut 10/50 2.3 (5) 3
CAT300CM U-Hook 300 mm/12" with T-nut* 10/50 3.2 (7) 2
CAT300CMLN U-Hook 300 mm/12" less nut 10/50 2.7 (6) 3
CATLCCM Level-change swivel bracket 4 in bag,
5 bags/box
5.9 (13) 4
CATSLCM Same-level swivel bracket 2 in bag,
10 bags/box
5.9 (13) 5
CATRL200CM Roller 200 mm/8" (incl. rod & nuts) 10/no case 2.3 (5) 6
CATRL300CM Roller 300 mm/12" (incl. rod & nuts) 10/no case 3.2 (7) 6
CATRT200CM Wire Retainer 200 mm/8" 50/no case 3.4 (7.5) 7
CATRT300CM Wire Retainer 300 mm/12" 50/no case 4.5 (10) 7
CATTBCM Protection tube 30/no case 1.6 (3.5) 8
CATSPCM Strut support plate 20/no case 0.9 (2) 9
CATSLTCM Same-Level Tee Fitting 5 (1/bag) 6.1 (13.43) 10
CATSLXCM Same-Level X Fitting 5 (1/bag) 8.14 (17.9) 11
CATGRDCM Grounding Connector 25 6.2 (13.63) 12
CATWMCM Wall Bracket 10 3.86 (8.5) 13
CATPDCM CAT-CM Power Divider 50 10.2 (22.5) 14
CATCSCM CAT-CM Cross Support Bracket (includes mounting hardware) 50 9.09 (20.0) 15
CATCS1CM CAT-CM Cross Support Kit (includes mounting hardware and 20" strut) 10 8.6 (19.0) 15
*Quick-Attach T-nut for HALF SLOT Strut

Rod-Mount Installation Instructions

1. Mount U-Hook or Double J-Hook to All-Thread Rod

2. Connect the U-Hook or Double J-Hook with All-Thread Rod to beam with a beam clamp
1. Mount U-Hook or Double J-Hook to All-Thread Rod
2. Connect the U-Hook or Double J-Hook with All-Thread Rod to beam with a beam clamp

Cantilever-Mount Installation

Cantilever-Mount Installation
Attach U-Hook onto wall bracket already mounted on wall

Strut-Mount Installation

Strut-Mount Installation

Strut-Mount Installation

Strut-Mount Installation
1. Mount U-Hook or Double J-Hook to strut
2. Mount strut to All-Thread Rod
3. Mount assembly to beam

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