Temperature Controlled Soldering Station

The Eclipse SS-206E temperature controlled analog soldering station features adjustable temperature range from 200°- 480°C (392°-896°F) with lock/set screw. This soldering station complies with CE, ESD safe certification. The soldering iron handle is insulated and ergonomic-designed for ease and comfort. Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature setting. Control IC modular design for easy and quickly repair.


Temperature Controlled Digital Soldering Station

The Eclipse SS-207E temperature controlled digital soldering station features adjustable temperature range from 200°- 480°C (392°-896°F) with lock/set screw. This soldering station complies with CE, ESD safe certification. The soldering iron handle is insulated and ergonomic-designed for ease and comfort. The digital readout shows either Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature setting. Control IC modular design for easy and quickly repair.


6" Needle-Nosed Pliers

  • Smooth cushion grip
  • Bending and cutting copper & other soft leads
  • Serrated jaws


5" Economy Flush Cutter

  • Spring loaded, flush cut
  • Cushioned grips
  • Diagonal blade orientation
  • Good for PC board lead trimming


Adjustable Cutter / Stripper

  • Adjusts with a screwdriver
  • High carbon steel
  • Precision ground cutting surface


6-1/2" Cable Cutter

  • Multi-conductor cable up to 0.5" (12.7mm)
  • Stranded wire up to 8 AWG (10mm2)
  • Coaxial cable up to RG-9/U
  • Spring Ioaded
  • For copper and aluminum wire only


Universal Stripping Tool

  • Strips and cuts round and flat multi-conductor cable including UTP cable


6" Diagonal Cutter

  • Smooth Cushion grip
  • Cutting copper & other soft leads
  • Chrome-Vanadium blades


Multi-Function Wire Stripper

  • Silver satin cable
  • 26-16 AWG wire
  • RG-58/59/62
  • Strips and Cuts


Multi-Purpose Crimper

  • Crimps a variety of open barrel contacts including solderless lugs and D-sub contacts
  • AWG 28-14


Dual Telephone Line Tester

  • Tester two lines in Same RJ11 jack
  • Protects modem (Digital systems provide high current phone lines that can damage most computer modems. Since both safe analog lines and dangerous digital lines use the same type of connectors, it is impossible to visually determine if a phone line is safe. Use Voltage Valet’s Digital Phone Line Tester before you plug in to detect high-current digital telephone lines that can damage your computer modem.)


9 Piece Cellular Kit


6-In-1 Magnetic Quick Change Screwdriver

  • Industrial quality with maximum versatility. Shock proof acetate handle and S2 alloy steel bit.
  • Over All Length: 7"


62 Piece Security Bit Set


3 Pc Anti-Static Alignment Set

  • For protection of sensitive components
  • Duplex, trimmer and square/hex tool
  • Conductive nylon-avoid high voltage


Desoldering Pump

  • Larger design
  • High suction force
  • Exposed plunger


Cable Tie Gun

  • Cable tie width from 3/32" - 11/32"
  • Neatly cuts end of cable tie off
  • Adjustable tension control


30 Pc Hex Key Set

  • Inch side .028 to 3/8"
  • Metric side 0.9 to 10mm
  • 15-Pc inch size
  • 15-Pc metric size
  • Handy plastic


6 Piece Soldering Aid Set

  • 6 Double-ended picks and brushes


ESD Wrist Strap

  • Adjustable elastic strap for greater range
  • Banana Plug to alligator clip
  • Band resistivity 104 Ohms
  • Length=6 Feet


Fiber Light Source

  • Shines light down fiber cable
  • Bright light makes finding breaks easy
  • To read "2.5mm SC/ST/FC"


4 Piece Tweezer Set

  • Stainless steel
  • One self-locking style
  • Great for PC board assembly


4 Piece Pick Set

  • Stainless steel
  • One Straight, One Curve, and Two Hooked Tips


Solder Tip Cleaner

  • Made of low abrasive brass shavings.
  • No water necessary.
  • No temperature drop as in conventional sponges.
  • Cleans better than conventional sponges.
  • Anti-slip pad.


In-Line Modular Adapters

  • Modular tester 8 pin Female to 8 pin Female


Soft Sided Tool Pouch

  • Keep your tools and supplies handy.
  • Made from strong durable fabric.
  • Complete with universal tool belt system.


4 - 14 Watt Variable Mini-Soldering Station

  • Precision temperature control: ~330°C (~626°F)
  • Super slim, pen-like style for greater control and visibility
  • Specially designed for repairs to cell phones and PC boards
  • Conductive soldering stand
  • Dual voltage AC 110/220V


Breadboard Accessory - 350 pieces per set

  • 350pcs of 22 AWG solid wires
  • Pre-cut, Pre Stripped and Pre-formed on each end.
  • Variety of colors
  • Completely Reusable
  • 14 lengths x 25pcs each
  • (2,5,7,10,12,15,17,20,22,25,50,75,100 and 125mm)


Multi-Purpose Stripping/Crimping Tool

  • Strip 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 AWG
  • Bolt Cutter 4-40, 5-40, 6-32, 8-32, 10-32, 10-24
  • Crimp 10-16, 18-22 AWG


6 Piece Pro-Soft Screwdriver Set. 3 Phillips - 3 Flat Blade

  • Exactly fit to screws and high accuracy hardened finished.
  • High grade Ni-Cr-Mo steel.
  • New design shape for comfortable and powerful handling in operation
  • Elastomer resin fitting exactly and double structure.
  • Non-slip.


4 Piece Security Screwdriver Set - Spanner Type

  • M1.7, M2.0, M2.3, M2.6


2X (3D) / 4X (12D) Desk Type Magnifier

  • Lens material: glass
  • Light source: AC120V 60Hz T4 12W circular fluorescent lamp Supplied with Electronic ballast
  • Product size: Height 14-1/2"


Reversible 110 Non-Impact Punchdown Tool

  • ABS grip handle and light weight design provides user comfort.
  • Rotatable blade holder for easy selection of proper blade type end.
  • Perfect for small jobs and the do-it-yourself installer.


Punch Down Impact Tool

  • The rubber grip handle provides easy operation and user comfort
  • With the blade storage chamber on the top of the handle
  • Increased HI/LO impact forces to meet demands of all Category cables through Cat6


All In One Cable Tacker

  • All-in-one staple gun can be utilized in tacking flat cable or round cable
  • Easy-to-change construction allows users to change the staple-guide-plates easily


Rotary Coaxial Cable Stripper

  • Reversible sliding cartridge allows easy adjustment for stripping RG-59, RG-6, RG7 and RG11 coaxial cables.
  • Rotary stripping, one-squeeze cutting action completely
  • Two-step stripper neatly removes outer cable sheathing and the inner wire sheathing to desired lengths.
  • Large finger loop promotes rotation during use.
  • OAL: 5"


Headband Magnifier 2X(4D) / 3X(8D) / 6X(20D)

  • Flexible lenses combination for higher magnification.
  • Detachable LED light device.
  • The tilt degree of LED light is adjustable.
  • Thumb screw to adjust the tilt degree of lens.
  • The belt size can be adjusted freely.


Digital Multimeter


  • DC and AC voltage measurement
  • DC and AC Current measurement
  • Resistance Measurement
  • Capacitance measurement
  • Diode and transistor test
  • Audible continuity test


Dual Display Multimeter with Mini USB Interface

The Eclipse MT-1860 Professional Multimeter comes with USB to allow you easy connection to PC for monitor measuring data and recording.


Visual Fault Locator for LC connector cable assemblies

The Eclipse MT-7509 Fiber Optic Laser Tester is a light source used to locate breaks and misconnections in fiber optic cabling. It is an ideal instrument to find the broken or bent patch cords, especially in fiber identification among ribbon or bunched optic fiber pigtails during the installation, in which identifying fiber from end to end may be troublesome or time-consuming.


6" Needle Nose Pliers


4-1/2" Diagonal Flush Cutting Nipper


ESD Precision Screwdriver Set


100 Pc Assorted Power Bits Set

  • Handy, all-in-one 100-piece ratchet set!
  • Chrome vanadium steel bits.
  • Includes a custom storage case.
  • Light weight design, 669g per set.


25-IN-1 Screwdriver Set


5-in-1 Screwdriver with LED Flashlight


Mini-Soldering Iron - 15W

  • Specifically for areas that require small size and fine application work.
  • Light weight and triangle shape plastic handle for user comfort.
  • Heat up fast but less wattage required.
  • Tips easy to change by screwing.
  • Safety stand included.