Hanging Pendant SpeakersHanging Pendant Speakers

Speco Technologies new pendant speaker skillfully combines style, convenience and value into one package. The SP30PT is perfect for situations where background music or paging is needed but ceiling mounting is prohibitive.

Nexus Contractor(tm) Series w/Metal Fire-RetardantNexus Contractor™ Series w/Metal Fire-Retardant

Speco Technologies' Nexus Contractor Commercial Speaker System line offers premium quality components and strong specification providing a network of sound and paging for the most demanding commercial environments.

The high-end NXC Series features a heavy-duty, industrial metal back can that provides component and safety while at the same time enhancing the speaker's full-range bass sound including a ported design.

Quick-snap terminal connects provide easy access and optimal angles for connecting speaker wire to the speaker. A wattage selector dial makes transformer wattage setting as easy as a quick turn. Added security loops are mounted to the back can of the speakers and ceiling support brackets are provided. This creates a secure installation that will lend itself to countless years of performance and liability.

MA Series w/Flame Retardant Back CanMA Series w/Flame Retardant Back Can

Speco Technologies' Multi-Application (MA) Series was designed with the focus of making the contractor's work as easy and time-efficient as possible.

The all-in-one unit, pre-assembled with a back can and mounted transformer, features a quick flip 70 or 25 Volt selector switch and an easy select transformer wattage dial featuring the choice of 8 or 9 individual wattage tap settings covering your complete range of needs. This flame-retardant, ABS unit also comes with insulated wires, has an attached metal safety loop and easy mount tabs for securing the unit.

The MA Series is the ideal all purpose, value sound solution covering a wide range of applications in commercial sound. With a furnished 8 ohm tap selector, the speaker can be kept readily on hand to meet all your unexpected sound installation needs.

Economic SolutionsEconomic Solutions

Speco's 8" 5 watt speaker features a dual 70/25V transformer and white metal grille combination. It also has a 6 oz. magnet. It includes 5, 2.5, 1, 0.5, and 0.25 wattage taps. They are all mounted and wired. Available with and without a center mounted volume control.