Structured Wiring Solutions

Amplified RF ProductsAmplified RF Products
Bi-Directional amplifiers designed to fit into the Channel Vision Central panels

  • C-0301 1 input modulator with bracket
  • C-0310 Bi-Directional 10 dB Amplifier
  • C-0314 1-input/4-output 8dB RF Amplified Splitter
  • C-0332 1-input 16-output RF Amplifier

Multi-room Audio Distribution

A-Bus AudioA-Bus Audio
Provides whole house audio distribution and control solutions, including licensed A-BUS technology.

  • P-1014 1x4 A-BUS™ Distribution Module
  • P-1044 4-source to 4-zone Cat-5 A-BUS Audio Matrix
  • AB-301 Universal Input Module
  • AB-404 Panel Distribution Module

Empty PanelsEmpty Panels
Structured wiring panels from Channel Vision Technology are designed to be the central "brain" of the home sending signals to every room, with distribution from cable TV, satellite, speakers, IR, fiber optics, telephone, automation, internet, security cameras, and much more. The modular layout of these sturdy cabinets allow easy access and is upgradeable. Plus, with sizes of 12"(h), 19"(h), 38"(h), and 50" (h) Channel Vision has a panel to fit any need.

  • C-0112 Modular Panel (12"x14")
  • C-0119 Modular Panel (19"x14")
  • C-0128 Modular Panel (28"x14")
  • C-0138 Modular Panel (38"x14")
  • C-0150E Modular Panel (50"x14") Enclosure Only
  • C-1311 4.75" Wide Universal Product Holder
  • C-1312 11.25" Wide Universal Product Holder
  • C-1320 Grid Lifting Wire Management Module

Amplifiers and Pre-Amplifiers
Multi-zone audio amplifiers and Audio/Video Pre-Amplifier Matrix also available in kit form with keypads and cables.

  • AmplifiersA1260 Multi-Zone Audio Amplifier
    Designed in the USA, this 12 channel amplifier offers plenty of power, clean sound, and reliable performance to satisfy the most discerning audio and home theater enthusiasts.


  • LCR625 6.5" Left-Center-Right Speaker

Passive RFPassive RF
Channel Vision Central provides a complete line of passive RF splitters for homes where there is enough RF signal without the need for additional amplification. Designed to fit in the Channel Vision Central panels

  • C-0202 1 in 2 out RF splitter
  • C-0204 1 in 4 out RF splitter
  • C-0208 1 in 8 out RF splitter
  • C-0215 Home Office Module
  • C-0216 Basic Service Combination Module

Stereo Impedance Matching Volume ControlsStereo Impedance Matching Volume Controls
Channel Vision's in-wall volume controls allow the user to adjust the volume of their speakers from any room in the house without having to walk back to the amplifier.

  • VC302 Impedance Matching Volume Control, 300 watts peak, White, Almond & Ivory plates and knobs included.

Power DistributionPower Distribution
Both low voltage DC and 125VAC power distribution designed to mount in the Channel Vision Central panels

  • C-0702 Bracket & Power Strip with 6 Outlets

Pre-Construction Kits

  • IC52B Round in ceiling, 5.25" pre-construction bracket
  • IW65B Rectangular in wall, 6.5" pre-construction bracket
  • IW80B Rectangular in wall, 8" pre-construction bracket
  • LCR52B Pre-Construction Bracket for 5.25" Left-Center-Right In-Wall Speaker
  • LCR65B Pre-Construction Bracket for 6.25" Left-Center-Right In-Wall Speaker

Telephone ProductsTelephone Products
Distribution modules for telephone that provide DSL and RJ31x interface as well as surge suppression, all designed to fit in the Channel Vision Central panels

  • P-0920 Telephone Entry Controller (PRO Series)
  • P-0921 2-Door Telephone Entry System
  • C-0410 Surge Protection (stopper) Module
  • C-0432 110 Telecom Distribution Module with security RJ31X & link port
  • C-0434 KSU Phone Distribution Module
  • C-0436 8 Port RJ45 Telecom Distribution Module with security RJ31X
  • C-0437 12 Port RJ45 Telecom Distribution Module with security RJ31X
  • C-0441 110 Telecom Module 100 Pair Capacity With Security Panel Loop
  • C-0497 Telco to RJ-14 Converter
  • C-0498 Pre-wired Octopus Cable

IR DistributionIR Distribution
Allows the use of an IR remote in multiple locations.

  • IR-1200 Simple IR Hub
  • IR-2005 Plasma-proof J-Box IR-Receiver
  • IR-3001 Single IR Mini Flasher
  • IR-3002 Dual IR Mini Flashers With Common LED
  • IR-4500 Coax IR Starter Kit
  • IR-5000 Plasma Proof IR Repeater Kit
  • IR-5010 Plasma Proof IR Repeater Kit 1,000 feet

Multi-room Video Distribution

Digital RF ModulatorsDigital RF Modulators
Using a Channel Vision modulator, an idle television channel can be transformed to an internal channel on which the output of any video source can be viewed.

  • E1200 1-Input Digital RF Micro Modulator
  • E4200IR 4-Input Digital RF Modulator with IR

Speaker DistributionSpeaker Distribution
Single two-channel (LR) audio input distributed to up to 8 rooms

C-1001 Speaker Distribution 1 stereo pair in x 8 stereo pair out
Requires impedance matching volume controls

RF Amplifiers & Distribution PanelsRF Amplifiers & Distribution Panels
Channel Vision provides a full line of RF amplifiers and splitters that make it easy to send television signals to multiple locations or long distances while actually improving the picture performance.

  • CVT-PI Power injector
  • CVT-40BID 40dB Bi-Directional Fully Adjustable RF Amplifier with 20dB reverse-path amplification

Surveillance Cameras & AccessoriesSurveillance Cameras & Accessories

  • 6305W Color Bullet Camera with sunshield - White

Filters & TapsFilters & Taps
Used to block channels above their rating, these filters allow you to inject a modulated signal on a cable system along with an external source such as cable TV.

Hybrid SplittersHybrid Splitters
All splitters and taps feature rugged die cast housings, printed circuit design, high RFI rejection, machined threads, integral grounding screw, and nickel plated housings. They also pass DC and IR on all ports.

  • HS-2 2-way Splitter / Combiner
  • HS-3 3-way Splitter / Combiner
  • HS-4 4-way Splitter / Combiner
  • HS-6 6-way Splitter / Combiner
  • HS-8 8-way Splitter / Combiner
  • HS-16 16-way Splitter

Push & Seal ConnectorsTools, Connectors, & Accessories
Connectors, tools, and Signal Strength meters to finish the job right.

  • 1015 Push and Seal F Connector Tool
  • 2133 F - Type Push & Seal connector for RG6 (black)
  • 2134 F - Type Push & Seal connector for RG6 Quad (blue)

Telephone Entry SystemsTelephone Entry Systems
Channel Vision's Telephone Entry System creates a communication link between your front door and every telephone in the house.

Wallplates & Inserts

Decora Wall PlatesDecora Wall Plates

Wall PlatesStandard Wall Plates

Wall Plate InsertsWall Plate Inserts