Channel Vision Technology

RF Amplifiers

Channel Vision provides a full line of RF amplifiers and splitters that make it easy to send television signals to multiple locations or long distances while actually improving the picture performance. Whether your system is large or small, Channel Vision has the solution. Their CVT-15PIA power injected amplifier provides the lowest induced noise figure available and features a bi-directional return path for use with interactive TV, addressable cable box converters, and cable modems. Their amplified splitters provide high performance, extended reliability and simplified installations.

Channel Vision CVT-PI Power Injector

Power Injector

Channel Vision's CVT-PI Power Injector back feeds power to a CVT-15PIA from a remote 110V outlet.

CVT-40BID 5-1000MHz RF Amplifier 40DB Gain

5-1000MHz RF Amplifier 40DB Gain

Channel Vision's 40dBmV Amplifier is the perfect cable or antenna amplifier for large multi-dwelling units (MDU's) that require precise RF amplification.