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C-0497 PCB Converter Module

PCB Converter Module

Channel Vision's KSU Connector is a great option for any home or business structured wiring installation. For a customized design, the KSU Connector module attaches to the KSU Phone Distribution Module 8x10 (C-0434) module and converts the Amphenol-style connector to individual RJ-11 and RJ-14 connectors. The C-0497 easily mounts into Channel Vision's structured wiring enclosures using push and lock pins.

  • Compatible with Panasonic® KXTA-624 KSU and most other systems utilizing modular style connectors
  • Up to 8 CO line inputs via 110 punches
  • Optional RJ-45 connection (CO's 1-8)
  • CO line 1 isolation for connection to security equipment
  • Test port to speed system testing and installation
  • 10 station side connections via 110 punch (expandable via C-0499)
  • Up to 4 door stations easily attached
  • Outputs on both RJ-11 and RJ-14 connectors for compatibility with both single and two-pair systems
  • Dimensions: 8.5” (L) x 5.2” (W) x 1.2” (D)


Converter PCB - converts 25 pair Telco to RJ-11 (accessory to C-0434)

Lashen's Price: $ 23.84