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3112 CAT5 Audio/Video Interface

CAT5 Audio/Video Interface

Channel Vision's 3112 CAT5 Audio Video Interface allows audio, video, power and IR signals to be connected through a single CAT5 cable. This flexible device can be used to convert traditional cameras into CAT5-compatible cameras or to extract audio and video from the Monitor-2 output of the Channel Vision P-6014 CAT5 Camera Sequencer. The 3112 can also be utilized to provide a simplified connection between CAT5 cable and an IR receiver or emitter.


  • Converts any standard camera to CAT5 cable
  • Adapts IR receivers to CAT5 cable
  • Works with the P-6014 CAT5 Camera Sequencer
  • Cost-effective and easy-to-install

Compatible Products:

  • P-6014 CAT5 Camera Sequencer
  • 6210 Color CAT5 Camera
  • IR-2400 Remote Head IR Receiver
  • IR-2005 J-Box IR Receiver
  • IR-3001 Single IR Emitter
  • IR-3002 Dual IR Emitter
  • Or any standard security camera
2.5"L x 0.8"H x 1.1"W
Max. Wire Length:
250 ft.
Audio Bandwidth:
More than 20kHz
Video Bandwidth:
More than 6MHz


CAT5 AV Interface. Converts standard cameras to CAT5, adapts IR receivers to CAT5

Lashen's Price: $ 7.20