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USB Type A to Type A Serial Cables

72-125 USB Type A Serial Cables USB Type A

Universal Serial Bus 2.0 (USB 2.0) brings a new standard of speed to the USB market. These new high speed USB cables give more versatility to computers and peripherals than ever before. USB 2.0 increases signal transmission from standard USB 1.1 topping out at 12Mb/s up to 480Mb/s for USB 2.0. The cables are completely backward compatible with standard USB ports, so there isn't any need to worry that you will not be able to use USB 2.0 cables on the standard USB products you already own.

Part # Description Lashen's
CBC USBMUSBM-A-006USB Cable Version 2.0 Type A to A 6'$ 7.70
CBC USBMUSBM-A-010USB Cable Version 2.0 Type A to A 10'$ 10.75
CBC USBMUSBM-A-015USB Cable Version 2.0 Type A to A 15'$ 13.75