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LAN devices questions answered...

  • Is my hub/switch or PC ON and transmitting?
  • Do I require a straight thru or crossover patch cable?
  • Is my LAN speed 10, 100 or 1000MB/s and is it half or full duplex?
  • Is the hub/switch and PC link negotiating a slower speed and duplex than expected?
  • Do my hub or PC appear as a hub or PC?

LAN cabling questions answered...

  • Is a hub or PC connected to my cable?
  • Does my hub or PC require 2 or 4 pair cables.
  • What pairs are terminated in my cable?
  • Where is my cable in the wiring closet?
  • What hub port is my PC using?
  • Is my cabling straight thru or crossover?
  • Does my cable have inverted pair or other faults?

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RWC1000 Real World Certifier

RWC1000 Real World Certifier

Tests cables and LAN devices for 10MB, 100MB and Gigabit (1000MB) operation.

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Look at these benefits:

  • Performance Certify and Troubleshoot all LAN Hardware and Cabling
  • Compatible with all 10MB, 100MB, and Gigabit Networks!
  • Test Existing Cables for Higher Speed Compatibility
  • Spot Faulty Wiring Closet Jumpers From Your Office Wall Outlet
  • Detect Worn Connectors and Faulty Terminations
  • Identify Excessively Noisy Cables
  • Decode 10/100/GIG PCs, Switches and Hubs for Advertised Capability
  • Go "INLINE" Between Two LAN Devices and Identify the Negotiated Speed
  • Test 10/100/GIGABIT PCs, Switches and Hubs for Adequate Signal Levels
  • Perform Your Own Inspection On Newly Purchased Devices and Cables
  • Identify Network Bottlenecks Caused By Slow Running Links

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POE1000 Power Panel

POE1000 Power Panel

CAT-5/6 DVM and Network/POE Tester

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CAT-5/6 cables are jammed with data, phone, surveillance cameras…and now 48 volts of PoE. The Power Panel DVM spots these devices. Plus, two interactive buttons exercise both switches and power.

Knowing what power is on your ethernet cable can save thousands of dollars in damaged devices and test equipment!


  • Standard unit (P/N POE1000): Packed with features for sensing what is on a CAT5/6 cable (switches, phones, PoE power) plus interacts with these devices.
  • DSL unit (P/N POE1000DSL): All of the features of the Standard unit plus the ability to sense DSL tones.
  • Inline unit (P/N POE1000IL): The most popular Power Panel CAT5/6 DVM model has all of the features of the Standard unit plus the ability to connect between 2 devices ("inline"). Inline connections allow passing PoE power to the device... monitoring the device while it is ON. Plus the inline Power Panel measures and displays power draw (in watts).

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VTX455 Camera Wizard II CCTV and IP Camera Tester

VTX455 Camera Wizard II™ CCTV and IP Camera Tester

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IP camera tests including POE power testing and a CAT5/CAT6 cable tester.

CCTV camera tests with video image diplay, video signal level meter and more.

The perfect tester for any toolbox. Performs a T1A568 test on Ethernet cable (RJ45) with instant PASS/FAIL results. Ruggedized and cushioned for toolbox use with a hidden drawer for remote storage. Includes a tone generator compatible with most tone probes including Byte Brothers brand.

CTX590 ProTone Toner and Probe Kit

CTX590 ProTone Toner and Probe Kit

Kit is complete with all of the parts you need to locate wires

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