Horn Speakers, Horns & Drivers

Professional Omni-Purpose Loudspeakers

AP Series Professional Omni-Purpose Loudspeakers APC-30T - 30 Watt Wide Angle Horn Loudspeaker With Transformer


Strategy Series Power Amps

PA601 60 Watt Single Channel Power AmplifierPA601 - 60 Watt Single Channel Power Amplifier
The PA601 is the perfect choice for distributed background music (BGM) systems when the requirement is simple amplification without MOH or advanced mix functionality.

CP700 High-Performance, Dual-Channel, Commercial Audio AmplifierCP700 - High-Performance, Dual-Channel, Commercial Audio Amplifier
A professional grade 350 Watts/Channel @ 70.7V audio power amplifier specifically designed for demanding contractor applications, the CP700 features esoteric grade toroidal power supply and output transformers.

Speaker Attenuators

AT Series AttenuatorsAT Series Attenuators
Atlas Sound AT Series Attenuators were designed with a smaller footprint to fit easily into readily available electric outlet boxes while maintaining the highest levels of efficiency. A higher quality core was the primary requirement to make the unit smaller and reach this design goal.

Single Gang Stainless Steel 70.7V Commercial Attenuator

Deluxe Decora Plate Mounted Attenuator, 3dB Steps

Deluxe Priority, Plate Mounted Attenuator w/Priority Relay, 3dB Steps

Priority paging feature by-passes the effect of the attenuator

Professional Quality Ceiling Loudspeaker Systems

Strategy II System

FAP40T - High Performance In A Very Compact FootprintFAP40T - High Performance In A Very Compact Footprint
The FAP40T is the newest member of Atlas Sound Strategy II Series family of ceiling speaker products. Designed to provide high performance in a very compact footprint, the FAP40T appeals to both system designers and architects.

FAP82TFAP82T - A Premium Performance, 70.7/100V Tuned & Ported, 8" Coaxial Ceiling Speaker System
Atlas Sound's FAP82T is perfectly suited for many business music and public address applications - especially applications where high ceilings require loudspeakers with increased efficiency and tighter pattern control. The 8" coaxial speaker system features extended low frequency response rivaling that of many subwoofers.

FAPSUB-1FAPSUB-1 - Add Amazing, Extended, Low Frequency Response To Any Distributed 70.7V/100V System!
The FAPSUB-1, when used in conjunction with other Atlas Sound full range speakers, provides great sounding background / foreground music reproduction suitable to many applications.

Sound Masking Solutions

Atlas Sound offers a full array of sound masking solutions including white/pink noise generators, speakers, and self contained systems that can be deployed in any installation where speech privacy is critical. Atlas Sound is an industry leader in sound masking system design and offers several helpful software programs to aid system designers in layout and planning.

Microphone Stands

Floor Stands

Desk Stands

DS-7E Adjustable Height Desk Stand with Non-Reflective Ebony Finish


LR58C-25 - 25 Pack Replacement 5/8"-27 Knurled Chrome Lock Rings