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AST-6A Impedance-Matching Loudspeaker Switching System

Impedance-Matching Loudspeaker Switching System

The AST-6 loudspeaker switching systems include an impedance protection circuit that operates in pairs, allowing each set of loudspeakers to operate directly and simultaneously from the amplifier for maximum efficiency. The left and right channels are completely isolated for protected operation. The AST-6 is 17" W x 1-5/8" H x 5-7/8" D (432 x 41 x 149mm) and can be shelf or 19" rack-mounted, with supplied brackets. Features Euro-style screw terminals that will facilitate 12 to 24-gauge wire, push-button on/off controls for each connection, and attractive mar-resistant black finish. The AST-6 provides overall A or B system selection, but does not include volume controls.

AST-6 provides for switching control of six loudspeaker pairs, and will accommodate any combination of 8 and/or 16 Ohm loudspeakers. Model AST-6 also features a switch for safe connection of 4 ohm loudspeakers. AST devices include separate on/off controls for each loudspeaker pair and one A-B source selector switch for overall system control. Loudspeaker volume can be adjusted using individual room volume controls such as the Atlas Sound DAT-8 or SAT-8 Series (not included). AST-6 has a power handling capacity of 40 watts RMS*/120 Watts audio.


  • Automatic impedance-matching and on/off push-button control
  • Dual-amplified source switching capability
  • Control of four or six speaker pairs in multi-room or surround sound applications
  • Compact, low-depth size is perfect for shelf or rack mounting


Impedance Matching Loudspeaker Switching System

List Price: $150.99 ea.

Lashen's Price: $ 132.62 ea.