Hole Making Tools

  • Piranhabits are flexible shaft drill bits designed for drilling inside walls, or around corners. Fish eye holes are provided at each end of the bit, which allows the operator to pull wires from either direction after drilling.
  • Bellhanger's bits feature a high speed steel bit, or a Carbide/Masonry bit, mig-welded to a 1/4" hardened steel shaft.
  • Ship Head Auger Bits made of premium steel. Rugged, Heavy duty bits for boring poles, railroad ties, heavy timber, bulkheads, etc. Features long flute length for deep hole drilling.


  • DíVersiBIT® System Masonry and High Speed Steel Bits
    A new twist to an old problem.
    These flexible steel drill bits are the right tools for installing wire or cable inside existing walls.
  • Spade Bits For boring hardwood, softwood, plywood and drywall.

Cable Pulling Tools

  • BES Mfg
  • Greenlee

Striping and Crimping Tools

  • Paladin
  • Ideal

Soldering Tools

  • Weller

Wire Cutting Tools

  • Xcelite

Termination Tools

  • Paladin
  • Ideal

Tool Cases

  • Platt